Benefits of Spices: Saffron


Saffron is a spice that originates from Asia and has a long history as a healing and strengthening plant. People have used saffron as flavoring, coloring and as a healing medicine for health for thousands of years.

The nutritional value of saffron in approximately equal to 2.1 gr of saffron, one tablespoon contains:

  • Calories: 6.5
  • Carbohydrates: 1.4 gr
  • Protein: 2 gr
  • Fiber: 1 gr
  • Manganese: 6 mg
  • Vitamin C: 1.6 mg
  • Magnesium: 5.3 mg
  • Iron: 0.2 mg
  • Phosphorus: 5 mg
  • Potassium: 34.5 mg

Benefit of saffron for body and mental health:

Strong antioxidant

Significant antioxidants in saffron include the following:

  • Crocin,
  • Crostin,
  • Safranal
  • Kaempferol

These compounds act as antioxidants and protect cells against free radicals and oxidative stress.

crocin and crostin are carotenoid pigments responsible for the red color of saffron. These two compounds have anti-depressant properties, protect the brain, improve inflammation and help in weight loss. Safranal also gives saffron a special color. Kaempferol, which is found in the petals of the saffron flower, has health benefits such as reducing inflammation and anti-cancer properties.

Benefits-Saffron-for Body and Mental Health

Helping to lose weight

Saffron is energizing and increases the body's metabolism and helps to reduce excess body weight.

Improving Mood

Consuming saffron improves mood and treats symptoms of depression. Research has shown that saffron is significantly more effective than medications in treating mild to moderate depressive symptoms. Other studies have shown that taking 30 mg of saffron per day is as effective as fluoxetine, imipramine, and citalopram, which are used to treat depression.

Preventing from cancer

Antioxidants in saffron are useful for neutralizing free radicals. Free radical damage is associated with chronic diseases such as cancer. These anti-cancer effects also apply to skin, bone marrow, prostate, lung, breast and cervical. Saffron destroys colon cancer cells and suppresses their growth, leaving healthy cells unharmed.Benefits of Saffron

 Reduction of PMS symptoms

Research has proven that consumption of saffron helps to treat PMS symptoms. These studies also showed that simply smelling saffron for 20 minutes helps reduce PMS symptoms such as anxiety and reduce the level of stress hormone or cortisol.

Reducing the risk factors of heart diseases

 Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of saffron reduce blood cholesterol and prevent blockage of blood vessels and arteries.

Lowering the blood sugar level

 Saffron lowers the blood sugar level and increases sensitivity to insulin; For this reason, one of the properties of saffron can be considered to help diabetes.

Preventing disorders of the nervous system

Antioxidants in saffron have the role of protecting the body against disorders affecting the nervous system. Research has shown that the compounds in saffron, such as crocin, reduce inflammation and oxidative damage to the brain.