Chamomile and Honey Lemon Mocktail


- 2 cups water
- 4 chamomile tea bags
- 1/4 cup honey (adjust to taste)
- Juice of 2 lemons
- Sparkling water or club soda
- Ice cubes
- Lemon slices and fresh chamomile flowers for garnish (optional)




1. Brew the Chamomile Tea:
- Boil water and pour it over the chamomile tea bags in a large pitcher. Allow to steep for about 5 minutes, then remove the tea bags. Chamomile will impart a mild, apple-like flavor that forms the base of this mocktail.

2. Sweeten the Tea:
- Stir in the honey while the tea is still warm, ensuring it dissolves completely. Adjust the sweetness according to your preference.

3. Add Lemon Juice:
- Once the tea has cooled, add the fresh lemon juice. This will give the mocktail a bright and zesty flavor.

4. Chill:
- Refrigerate the mixture until thoroughly chilled, ideally for at least 1 hour.

5. Assemble the Mocktail:
- Fill glasses with ice cubes. Pour the chilled chamomile and lemon mixture over the ice, filling about three-quarters of the glass.

6. Add Sparkling Water:
- Top each glass with sparkling water or club soda to add a refreshing fizz.

7. Garnish and Serve:
- Garnish with lemon slices and fresh chamomile flowers if available, or a sprig of mint for an added touch of freshness.

This Chamomile and Honey Lemon Mocktail not only provides a refreshing taste but also offers calming benefits, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a relaxing, non-alcoholic beverage.