National Tea Day

"Tea" is the most popular Persian drink, which has even spread in Persian poetry and literature. In Iranian party, especially in cold seasons, Persian serve tea. Also they pour tea as a good end to the party. They buy sweets and chocolates for tea. When they travel, they take tea brewing equipment with them and consider it an inseparable part of their diet. In the past, bringing a tray of tea for guests was a part of courtship ceremony .

for National Tea Day, we want to teach you how to brew tea for making it more delicious. The old people believe that it is better to pour cold water in a kettle or samovar to boil and not to pour hot water to boil the tea because after pouring the tea, the fat-like spots left on the glass are because of the hot water that we poured. So pour cold water to have better quality tea.

The teapot is better to be made of ceramic or glass. metal teapots do not make a tea tasty. Also, it is better to have a teapot model that has a basket or net to separate the scum from the boiling water so that it can be separated and thrown away after brewing. Doing this will make you use the brewed tea for a longer period of time so that its quality does not change.

The best tea is tea that is brewed under a low flame and on a kettle or samovar. It gets a better taste and color.

What to brew tea with?

Cardamom: The most popular tea additive among Iranians is cardamom. It is better to beat the cardamom and remove its seeds, then pour it into the tea and give it the enough time to brew.

Rose: Rose petals or buds are one of the best additions to tea. it gives tea a  nice aroma.

Cinnamon: The taste of cinnamon tea is special. Just know that it is not correct to pour cinnamon powder. It is better to use cinnamon wood, which is in the form of tree trunks.

Ginger: Fresh ginger and dry ginger are one of the best additions that has healing properties, but make the tea taste close to spicy. Ginger is one of the best options if you have a cold.

dried lime: If you like the taste of your tea to be slightly sour, use dried lime. It is better to peel the dried lime and use its flesh so that it does not become bitter.

In what container should we pour the tea?

Persian often like to drink tea in crystal glass cups. Because they like to see its color. In the traditional atmosphere, they use narrow glassy cups. Traditional glasses are served with glass or porcelain saucers. ceramic floral cups are also another option after glass ones, which have the advantage of transferring less heat to the skin of the hand when drinking tea.

It is better that the tea glass does not have a wide rim to cool the tea later. Tea should not be too hot, but warm.

What to serve tea with?

Sugar cubes: In the past, when serving tea, two sugars cubes were placed on a saucer and offered to the guests. Sugar cubes is the oldest companion of tea in the Persian culture.

Sugar candy: another popular companion of tea is sugar candy. Sugar candy with tea is the version of the old popular medicine that is always recommended to people who have pain in their abdominal.

Dates: this natural sweet can be one of the best companions of tea.

Raisin: another companion of tea, which replaces sugar in many homes and has good benefits for health.

When not to drink tea?

You should not drink tea when you have high blood pressure.

You should not drink tea after iron-containing foods or iron tablets and wait at least an hour and a half

If you have stomachache and reflux, tea may make you feel worse due to its high caffeine content.

If you plan to rest and sleep, don't drink tea, tea will disrupt your sleep due to its caffeine content.

Do not drink tea after eating cold foods such as ice cream or cold watermelon