Pasta Salad


- 300g pasta

- 200g sliced salami

- 100g sliced olive

- 100g corn

- 240g Mayonnaise sauce

- one teaspoon of dried dill

- salt and black pepper

How to cook:

Put the pasta in a pot and pour water on them to the extent that the pasta floats in the water if you stir it, and add less than half of a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a little bit of salt. put it on the heat for about 15 minutes.

 Slice salami and olive. when the pasta is drained, add all the ingredients to the bowl together with the pasta and add Mayonnaise sauce to it and mix them well. cover the dish with cellophane and put it in the fridge for 1 hour then you can serve it.

(If you want to leave the salad in the fridge for a long time, it is better to add the sauce to the salad 1-2 hours before serving so that the salad keeps its freshness).