Shole Zard: A Delicious Persian Dessert



Shole Zard is one of the delicious and popular Persian desserts that is served hot and cold. People in Iran make this dessert usually for religious ceremonies and give it to family, Friends, and neighbors.


    -   75g rice  

    -   600g water

    -   200g sugar

    -   50g Rosewater

    -   50g flaked almond

    -   ¼ teaspoon cardamom powder

    -   Half a cup of brewed saffron

    -   Cinnamon, pistachio, and almonds flakes for decoration

First stage: put rice in a bowl. pour some water on it and let it gets soaked for one hour.

Second stage:  now, empty the water and pour rice into a saucepan. pour 600g water on the rice and put a saucepan on medium heat and let it gets cooked for 45 minutes.

third stage: pour brewed saffron on rice and stir it. After 10 minutes add sugar on it and stir the ingredients. let the sugar gets dissolved in it for 15 minutes. Now it's time to add almond flakes with rose water and cardamom powder then stir the ingredients well.

Decorate shole zard with cinnamon, pistachio, and almond flakes.

Note: After adding the rose water, the cooking time is finished. so It should not be on the heat because the aroma and smell of the rose water do not get destroyed.